PoC News in America

There’s a lot to catch up on, from the ongoing #blacklivesmatters protests to The Wiz Live. Let’s get to it. Read More PoC News in America

How to Pretend to be a Functioning Adult

If there’s anything a Millenial knows, it’s that the future is scary. We all went to college assuming the economy would get better. We all went to college thinking that in doing so, we would be protecting ourselves from the scary things we were hearing in the news about recessions and possible depressions. We went, we learned, we partied, but what happens after that? How do we find work? How do we find a place to live? Now that we aren’t forced to socialize with people, how do we strike up conversations with new people? In short, how do we become or, at least, seem as responsible and put-together as our parents? These are daunting topics but I’ve got your back. Read More How to Pretend to be a Functioning Adult

P-Mag Nostalgia Project: 2004 with Elfity

The end is here! Yes, we’ve finally hit the bottom of the Persephone Magazine writer barrel, at least age wise. I, Elfity, am here to bring you the glories (kind of) of the year 2004, as seen through my barely-teenaged eyes. I should mention that I was actually 14 for the majority of 2004 rather than 13. It doesn’t seem to matter now, but 14-year-old me probably would have had a fit if you had told her that. Anyway, onto the tops! Read More P-Mag Nostalgia Project: 2004 with Elfity