Friday News Bites: Internet as Utility, Fifty Shades Boycott + More

Hello, unicorns! Happy Friday. It’s time for another sampler platter of interesting news and entertainment updates, so let’s get started. Read More Friday News Bites: Internet as Utility, Fifty Shades Boycott + More

Middlemarch Madness III: Round Four

Today the Elite Eight will get narrowed down to the Final Four. The winner of each division will be ineligible to compete in future brackets, so choose wisely! Read More Middlemarch Madness III: Round Four

Comforting Cozy Mysteries

Cozy mysteries, known simply as cozies, are those mysteries you read when you don’t want a lot of blood or gore, but when you still want a puzzle and the comfort of knowing that someone out there has the brains to put right what’s wrong with the world. Noir novels these are not. Read them when the black dog is sniffing at your door or when your brain has just had too much serious for the time being. Want to know where to start? Follow the clues!

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Why Miss Marple Matters

In the interest of full disclosure, I’d like to state that the following essay was not written by me, but by my (much) better half. Conveniently, he’s given me permission to post it here.

Disney has a long history of turning classic stories into mass-market products. Walt himself drew the teeth out of dark folktales, and gave us “happily ever after” in place of tradition, meaning, and complexity. So it should come as no surprise that Disney has recently announced a “reboot“ of Agatha Christie’s classic sleuth, Miss Marple. In the new Disney version, Miss Marple will be given a “young spin” by Jennifer Garner. Read More Why Miss Marple Matters