What Heartbreak Solves

Q. My sister is going through her First Major Break-Up. My offers to beat the guy up/egg his car have not been met with the kind of enthusiasm I expected, which leaves me sort of a loss in the helpful department. So I ask: What advice do you wish you had been given during the First Big Break-Up? Read More What Heartbreak Solves

My Favorite: Mistakes

For most of my childhood, my dad was an avid Aikidoist. I would sometimes go to the dojo with him, and watched as he and other grown ups would roll themselves into incredibly agile little balls and roll in a circle around the room as part of their warm up. It always looked fun to me, but when my parents tried to encourage me to take classes with the other kids, I balked.

Even at the tender age of 7, I was afraid of being bad at something. I had already figured out that I was “bad at gym class” and that I wasn’t good at tumbling, gymnastics, etc. Taking classes at the dojo felt like it was just going to be more of the same gym class stuff that I was already trying to avoid with timely visits to the nurse. Read More My Favorite: Mistakes

The Art of Messing Up At Work

Unless you’re some kind of machine or cyborg, I can guarantee that you will mess up at work once in a while. Work screw-ups can be anything from a minor embarrassment or inconvenience to a huge faux pas or money-waster for your company. While of course you should always do everything in your power to avoid mistakes, you should still be prepared to handle the inevitable mistakes properly. Read More The Art of Messing Up At Work