Lunch Time Poll: Back to School Reading

I cannot believe summer is almost over. It seems like it went by so fast. With summer winding down, it can mean only one thing: back to school time.  As a child I loved to read; well, I still love to read too. (Wow, that sounded like a Mitch Hedberg sentence.) By the time I was a freshman in high school, I was assigned summer reading to have ready by the first school day of the year. I actually loved summer reading. My parents would take me to a cabin about three weeks before school so I could read my three or four summer books in the course of a week and complete all my homework assignments. I think this is partially why I still love to read in spurts. I devour books sometimes in four or five hours. I have been known to pull the Harry Potter all-nighter. Read More Lunch Time Poll: Back to School Reading