TDG – 2/7

G’day Persephoneers!  How’s your Monday starting off? Having trouble getting in gear?  I am technically doing this post on Sunday night and already I can tell that tomorrow morning is going to be rough.  Fortunately, this song came up on my ipod the other day and reminded me how much I like to listen to it to get myself movin’ in the morning.  Thus, I bring it to you, our beloved readers, on this fine Monday morning.  Enjoy! Read More TDG – 2/7

Happy Weekend!

We made it through another week! We’re headed out for the weekend, but we’re leaving you this open thread to play with.  Be sure to check out any posts you missed, too, our writers had it turned to 11 this week.  (Name that reference!) We’ll be back Monday morning at 9a EST with all sorts of fun things in store for you.  Keep an eye out in the middle of the week for our 1000th post.  (Holy shit! 1000 posts!)

Have a Great Weekend

We’re heading out for the weekend after living making it through week two! I had a couple of questions about weekend posts, but as of right now posting on the weekends isn’t on our radar.  If we get inspired, you may see a random post from an overachieving writer or something on breaking news, but otherwise the place is yours until Monday morning.  Read More Have a Great Weekend