Don’t Overestimate What You Can Do Today

Monday motivation, or all over the place? I remember reading an article a little while back discussing what is known as the Planning Fallacy, or, in other words, mistakenly assuming that you can get way more work done than you are consistently capable of. Read More Don’t Overestimate What You Can Do Today

Lunchtime Poll: Nutella

Good noon, Persephoneers! It’s been a super stressful week here at the Persephone Treehouse, our former server ate itself and we had some issues finding a new home. We’re back now, and the memory of the stress is starting to fade, but it was a really challenging week for all of us.  Read More Lunchtime Poll: Nutella

LTP: 6/13

Happy Monday, readers! We’re kicking off another awesome week at Persephone, and I hope you’re in the process of kicking off an awesome week for yourselves.  We’ve got lots of cool stuff to read readied behind the scenes, I can’t wait for you to read some of the great stuff our writers are writing. Read More LTP: 6/13

LTP: 5/16 Monday Motivators

I’m actually writing this in the middle of the night, because the I’m the person on staff who has the hardest time meeting a 24-hour-advance deadline. (Shh! I’m hoping my charm and server-kicking skills will continue to carry me.) When most of you read this, we’ll be smack in the middle of Monday.
Read More LTP: 5/16 Monday Motivators