White Boots and Credit Card Payments: On Embracing My Bad Decisions

When I was 5 years old, I was the only girl at my preschool that didn’t have a white pair of cowboy boots.

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I’m a Scrooge and It’s Okay

Money is a strange subject. You can brag about it, but only if you “deserve” the money. You’re supposed to know about your financial health, but no one teaches you. And if spending isn’t your hobby, you’re a bore (hyperboles for everyone!). Read More I’m a Scrooge and It’s Okay

Broke And Overeducated

The other day, I noticed that I had an email waiting for me in my inbox titled, “Loan Management Made Easy” from Fedloan Servicing. Throughout my time in school, I have been successful in avoiding any messages, email or snail mail, that have to do with my student loans. Until this dreaded day. Read More Broke And Overeducated

Celebrity Slot Machines

Two weeks ago, I took a three-day trip to Las Vegas. I like playing slot machines while I am there (table games terrify me), and on this trip, I noticed that more and more celebrities are getting in on the gambling action.  Read More Celebrity Slot Machines

Our Bank Accounts, Ourselves

For the past two years or so, I’ve been putting a lot more effort into money management. While my bank account is by no means where I want it to be, and my habits are far from perfect, I feel like I’ve finally gotten to a place wherein I believe that I’ll be able to achieve my financial goals. And from that place, I’ve begun to see that getting out of debt and spending wisely isn’t so different than ending emotional eating (or emotional not eating) habits and getting to a healthy weight, something I have a lot of experience with.

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“Extreme Cheapskates” Gives Being Thrifty a New Meaning

Because I spend too much money, I thought that checking out TLC’s latest show, Extreme Cheapskates, might enlighten me on ways I can save next time I’m at the grocery store or the mall. Of course, I forgot this was a TLC show, so instead of learning anything I actually ended up shocked and in awe of the intense measures some of these people take to save a buck or two.  Read More “Extreme Cheapskates” Gives Being Thrifty a New Meaning

Making the Most of Your Produce

(Writer’s note: Please read the following sentences in the voice of an infomercial announcer.) Rotten fruits and vegetables. Dinners ruined by produce gone wrong. Grocery budget ballooning. Has this ever happened to you? Produce rots and it can rot fast, leaving you without key ingredients for your dinners and wasting money. But with this new patent food-fresh system, you’ll never be left in a puddle of what used to be asparagus ever again! Read More Making the Most of Your Produce