Dispatches from Ladyblogland

This just in from ladyblogland: our pockets are too small!

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Cool Apps I Use: Buycott

I am a bit of an app addict. I have always been something of an impulse buyer and the Apple app store is a dangerous place for me if I’m not careful. Luckily, there are a ton of free or cheap apps for my iPhone, so the only thing I have to worry about is whether or not I have enough storage space for the “Plants vs. Zombies” game I play compulsively for a week before I abandon it. Read More Cool Apps I Use: Buycott

GMOs are OK

I am a citizen of the  great state of California. One of the best/worst things about California is that each election cycle, we’re bombarded with propositions (and not the sexy kind). These propositions, while truly energizing as far as making people feel like their vote really counts, are a headache and a half. But why am I talking about California propositions for a mostly non-California readership? Well, because one of the propositions, Prop 37, allows me to tap into a growing conversation about GMOs, and because what happens with Prop 37 could have implications for the whole country. Read More GMOs are OK