Friday News Bites: Airline Pranks, Gabriel García Márquez, Pulitzers + More

Happy Friday, everyone. Bit of a short roundup this week because I am currently on a whirlwind NW book tour/vacation and am poaching some Wi-Fi. I mean… I’m nicely borrowing it for a few minutes. So let’s get right to it.

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Science News: 1/8/13

Happy New Year, Persephoneers! We’ve got plenty of science news to cover from the last few weeks, including flowers on Mars (not really), geysers in the Milky Way, and cheese. Let’s get right to it! Read More Science News: 1/8/13

One Giant Leap for Neil Armstrong

Engineer and astronaut Neil Armstrong passed away Saturday at the age of 82. Many newspapers have posted wonderful obituaries and biographies of the man and I urge you to follow the links and check them out. Most people remember him for being the first man to step on the surface of the moon, but he wanted to be remembered as he was in his day-to-day life: an engineer and a pilot. Perhaps unfortunately for him, he became a symbol of space exploration and the never-ending curiosity of humans that pushes us to keep reaching just a little bit beyond our grasp. Read More One Giant Leap for Neil Armstrong

Science News: 8/7/12

The Curiosity has landed! Mars, y’all!! And, you know, some other stuff happened too.  Read More Science News: 8/7/12

Science News: 7/31/12

This week’s science news update is taking a walk on the weird side. Vampire stars, sneezing monkeys, and stargazing whales? Cool! We also have several hotly disputed studies that were released this week, which, if true, could change what we know about dark matter and early humans and if not, highlight the problems of rushing to press with controversial results. Read More Science News: 7/31/12

Attack of the Gigantic Moons! Sort of”¦

On Saturday, people on earth were able to see a full supermoon, a moon so large even werewolves have got to wear shades. For those who missed the chance of seeing a gigantic glowing ball in the night sky, never despair: another supermoon will be coming around in 2013. If that is too far in the future for comfort, there is another way to see a gigantic moon and it requires an optical illusion. Read More Attack of the Gigantic Moons! Sort of”¦