Science News: 11/13/12

Science news is having a total eclipse of the sun today, along with some really smart animals and an awesome gif of the solar system. Read More Science News: 11/13/12

Science Stories in the Digital Age

I like to ask scientists and science students about their favorite science stories. I have to admit that sometimes I am greeted with blank faces, a fact that stings my science-communicator pride. I use the word “story” because the most compelling bits of scientific information are just that – there might not be a strong protagonist or a cackling witch, but the general narrative arc fits pretty well. Think, for example, about the story of the toxic newts and the super resistant snakes I shared a while back: like most stories there was action, drama, an unraveling mystery, an open ending, and a whole hell of a lot of toxins. Read More Science Stories in the Digital Age