You Should Totally Watch This: We Are the Best!

Confession: when this movie was advertised where I live, I dismissed it because I thought the posters showed three boys. Meh, just another coming-of-age movie for the lads, I thought. I’ll pass. 

Silly me. We Are the Best! is charming, funny, and nostalgic in a way that I didn’t expect for a movie set years before I was born.  Read More You Should Totally Watch This: We Are the Best!

A Feminist Look at Django Unchained

Last week, after watching Django Unchained with Chalupa, I had a chat with one of my favorite feminists, Slay Belle, about the movie. Here is the transcript of our conversation in which we address the plot, writing, and controversies of the film, as well as how feminists can approach the movie. (Spoilers contained within.)
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Pajiba’s Gems: The Company Men

Last week, our buddy site, Pajiba, ran a list of twenty under-appreciated gems on Netflix instant. Pajiba has rarely (if ever) steered me wrong, so I hastily added most of the list to my instant queue. I’m going to be reviewing all of them, over the next couple of months. First up, The Company Men. Read More Pajiba’s Gems: The Company Men

Django Unchained

[Contains spoilers for Django Unchained and Inglourious Basterds]

“…and all I could think was – you’re so cool.” This is exactly how I felt when I watched Pulp Fiction for the second time (the second time because my first viewing happened at 12 years old and I was a bit young to quite get it). Spoken by Patricia Arquette as Alabama in Tarantino’s 1993 screenplay for True Romance, these words echo my thoughts upon every viewing of every Tarantino film since that second introduction.

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31 Days of Halloween with Slay — Day 15, Lake Mungo

The Palmers are a family struggling to cope with a devastating loss – the death of their 16-year-old daughter Alice in a drowning accident. The little family – mom, dad, and older brother – can’t quite put the pieces back together in the months after her body was found. Mother June refuses to accept that her daughter is really dead, rolling over the what ifs and maybes until she’s nearly incapacitated by grief. Matthew, her older brother, starts withdrawing into himself, finding small comfort in his photography hobby. And dad Russell – he’s trying to hold it all together. Read More 31 Days of Halloween with Slay — Day 15, Lake Mungo

Celeste & Jesse Forever Forever: A Review by Meg

I’ll be honest here. Despite my longstanding love affair with Rashida Jones, I went into C&J4evs fully prepared to be underwhelmed. Or, at the most, just whelmed. I am happy to report that I was so, so, so wrong.

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Movie Review: “Ted”

In interviews about his movie Ted, Seth McFarlane credits Peter Jackson with creating excellent critter CGI, which had never previously been used in a comedy. I think Peter Jackson should punch Seth McFarlane with a hobbit.  Read More Movie Review: “Ted”