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How My DVR Ruined My Life

As I’ve written before, I rely heavily on my DVR. I can’t watch two shows at once, nor can I sit in front of the television all day and catch everything I want to see, so it comes in handy. But sometimes, it can also let you down.

This is as much a story about my DVR as it is about my hopes and dreams (wow, way to sound dramatic). Writing this felt like a therapy session, so if you read all the way through, I’ll send you my co-pay.  Read More How My DVR Ruined My Life

What Does Your Cable News Choice Say About You?

On Sunday night, I was at home, recording 60 Minutes while I finished working on a project. All of a sudden, my mother came rushing into the room, saying, “Turn on the television!” Read More What Does Your Cable News Choice Say About You?

The Hair Affair

We recently received a request for an article on “personal grooming, especially shaving,” which we are pretty sure means giving your junk a haircut (technical terms here). And you know our motto – “We Will Help You Go About Your Sex Life in a Wittily Informed Manner.” Admittedly, that’s a little clunky as mottoes go, but Oprah’s team didn’t give us a whole lot to work with in terms of a PR budget. Read More The Hair Affair

TDG and Open Thread- 2/15

Good Morning, Good Morning Persephoneers!

Welcome to day two of the new format; starting this week the Daily Goodie doubles as an all-day open thread, and new content starts at noon.

Today’s a big day here at Persephone headquarters – our own Teri Floyd is being cross posted at MSNBC this morning. If you haven’t read her very informative and descriptive  article on synesthesia, you should go read it.

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Raise your hand if you have candy left from yesterday “¦

Wednesday Night Open Thread!

We’re packing up for the night so we can run the vacuum and hide the beer cans before morning.  Why, you ask? Our very own Teri’s post on synesthesia is being crossposted on MSNBC’s Body Odd blog first thing tomorrow morning!  YAY TERI! *UPDATE* That piece is now going to be running on Tuesday the 16th instead of tomorrow.  Read More Wednesday Night Open Thread!