Race and Young Children

Susan recently wrote a piece about American-Americans and color-blindness that gave me ~*feelings*~, and it made me think, “How do we teach our children about race?”

Let me begin by saying that children are not stupid. Read More Race and Young Children

Badass Bilingual Bitches

A state law calling for English-only in the public schools. A national movement of “Americanization.” Educators and administrators working to erase the home culture of their students. Sounds like today, right? Nope. Think 1900s Laredo, Texas and enter Jovita Idar and Leonor Villegas de Magnón who said, “Fuck that, our children deserve better.” Read More Badass Bilingual Bitches

Multicultural Education: More Than Books and Posters

I was in a graduate class the other night and we began discussing the subject of culture and its role in the classroom.  A fellow student, who I will call “Amy,” began talking about how multicultural her preschool room is; she has books and posters all over that feature children from all different races and cultures.  The superficiality Read More Multicultural Education: More Than Books and Posters