Friday News Bites: Twitter #Fail, Equality Advances, Net Neutrality + More

Greetings, my lovely unicorns, and Happy Friday. We have a variety of newsy bits to cover this week, and more of them to make up for last week’s vacation-posted brevity. Let’s dive right in:

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Fascinating Science Wiki-Spirals

I spent the whole weekend travelling. It was pretty great, but boy are my arms tired. Wait, I don’t think I set that joke up correctly. Never mind that, I have a point to get to! And the point is this: when I am traveling, I like to read something light and interesting, and with huge long layovers in airports with nice WiFi services, wiki-spirals were the natural choice. Here are three I particularly enjoyed. Read More Fascinating Science Wiki-Spirals

A Shortcut to Mushrooms

Have you ever sliced into a fresh mushroom, put your nose down next to it, and taken a deep breath? When I do, I’m instantly transported to a lush, evergreen forest, covered in moss and fallen pine needles, a damp, earthy scent filling my nostrils, just a hint of the chill of the air in such a place cooling my fingertips as I pause between slices.

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Deconstructed Green Bean Casserole

Thanksgiving may be long over, but we are still knee-deep in the holiday season and that means that we are still knee deep in feasting foods. It’s going to be a cold, hung-over day in January (meaning, January 1st) before the feasting food craze wanes and people slog through the drudgery of winter unaided by fatty and carby concoctions. Read More Deconstructed Green Bean Casserole

What’s For Dinner: Beef and Gravy Over Noodles

This is a little something I came up with one night when I was craving Beef Stroganoff but didn’t have the time to make it. It’s now one of my boyfriend’s favorites, and I normally have all the things needed to make it on-hand. It’s pretty fast to make, too – however long it takes the noodles to boil! Read More What’s For Dinner: Beef and Gravy Over Noodles

One Quiche to Rule Them All

Attention Persephone readers: the Morbid Curiosity food column will not be appearing today. Why? Did Jen run out of old cookbooks with unusual recipes? Did she finally destroy her stomach lining? No! Of course not! It’s because I made a lovely quiche this week, and I’d rather talk about that instead. That sounds like a good enough reason to me! Read More One Quiche to Rule Them All