Busting Mythbusters

Like many of you, I have watched Mythbusters, the science-based reality TV show on Discovery channel, off and on for many years. This weekend, I realized that the show was available on Netflix, and since my part of California is going through some amazingly wet weather right now, nothing sounded better than spending the weekend cross-stitching and watching Mythbusters. Read More Busting Mythbusters

What I Watched This Weekend: Mythbusters!

I’m possibly about to lose all street cred I have when I say I spent my Friday night at a show by Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, aka, The Mythbusters, but I had so little to begin with the loss may be imperceptible.

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The Bride Branches Out

While I love to regale you all with stories, tutorials, and tips about wedding stuff, I was hoping it might be okay with you, dear readers, if I widened the reach of the DIY Bride series into a broader scope of topics – namely, how to deal with this whole new realm of wedded or partnered bliss, or rather, how to get used to this new person in the house that is kind of stinky.

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Greatest Hits

It seems like there are new Persephoneers joining us every day (yay!), so this week, we’ll be taking a look back at some of our posts you may have missed. Also, it’s exam week for paperispatient, plus today is our anniversary (we are accepting e-cards and cash donations as gifts), so frankly, we feel justified in phoning this one in. Read More Greatest Hits

Sexual Mythbusters, Vol. 1: “When you have one, you’ll know.”

Our impressions of what sex is or should be like come from many sources – the media, movies, porn, our friends and peers, our religious community if we have one, health classes if we had them, and so on. As you might expect, not everything we hear from all of these places is accurate or true. Read More Sexual Mythbusters, Vol. 1: “When you have one, you’ll know.”