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Persephone Pioneers: Sho Sho Esquiro

Sho Sho Esquiro’s clothes are as radiant as she is. A fashion designer, artist, and youth worker, Sho Sho’s work combines her Native American roots with her love of hip hop and intoxicating color. Born and raised in Yukon, Canada, and taking inspiration everywhere from her grandmother to her interest in recycled materials, to call Sho Sho just a fashion designer would only be getting at the tip of the iceberg. Her work has been featured on SWAGG news, Straight.com,  and Indian Country Today and is bound to be making its way to your closet soon. Persephone Magazine, please welcome the innumerably talented and amazing, Sho Sho Esquiro!

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Badass Ladies of History: Betty Mae Tiger Jumper

In an instant, Betty Mae Tiger Jumper could have never existed. She could have never gone on to become one of the few women in her community to go to school. She could have never been one of the most respected leaders, nor the first woman Seminole chair. Her life could have been cut short, leading to the unknown death of someone who would become one of the most active leaders in the Seminole Nation. Read More Badass Ladies of History: Betty Mae Tiger Jumper