News in Europe: The Many Faces of Poland

You thought that would read “Putin,” didn’t you? But no, citizens, this week seems to be all about Poland, God knows why. Let’s get to it. Read More News in Europe: The Many Faces of Poland

News in Europe: Let’s Not Stay Together

Greetings, citizens! While nothing major has happened this past week, there are so many curious behind-the-scenes developments that I’m starting to suspect Europe might just be losing it. But onwards and upwards, friends, and let’s make the best of this: Read More News in Europe: Let’s Not Stay Together

Tripoli Falling?

In the ongoing battle for Libya, a disquieting stalemate that has all but stopped regular news updates. Really, there hasn’t been much to say – that, or only a few hours later the entire story changes. For the many towns that have been under heavy fire for the past few months, the only thing one can really update on is the rising number of refugees and casualties. Read More Tripoli Falling?

Your Weekly European Roundup

OK, so this week is pretty good. We have Olympic athletes digging holes on beaches and almost dying as a result, a fantastic article on the doomed AirFrance Flight and the newest developments there, Germany has some nice economic horizons to look forward to, and a Nazi trial is underway in Hungary. Read all about it, right here, on this week’s European Roundup. Read More Your Weekly European Roundup