Ten Years On: Sabine

It’s been ten years since I started my big foreign adventure. In this loose series, I talk to the immigrants I met in 2005 and those I’m only meeting now. They all tell me a bit about the changes that the last decade has brought for them. Read More Ten Years On: Sabine

Dispatches from Ladyblogland

Live through this week and you’ll get some extra special ladyblogland finds.

Read More Dispatches from Ladyblogland

Women in Academia: Earnest Job Talk

I am maybe breaking one of my rules today. I am very, very sorry about this, but I am going to reference work done at one of the blogs at the journal Nature. Why am I so sorry? Because I am not sure that this information is freely available to people without a subscription and I hate talking about something not everyone has access to. Really, if you cannot access it, you have my most sincere apologies. But this article is just that valuable. Read More Women in Academia: Earnest Job Talk

Picture This: Depth of Field

A art professor once told me that he believed everyone had the potential to be a great artist. Obviously it comes more naturally to some people, but everyone can learn and improve through practice which is why if you want to take good photos, you can’t give up! Last week we learned about photo editing; this week we’re going to talk about depth of field–another great composition trick to improve your photos! Read More Picture This: Depth of Field

Frost Flowers: A Winter Oddity

A few years ago, when I was still living in the general proximity of the Mississippi River instead of almost as far away from it as I can get and still count myself as living in one of the contiguous states, I was walking through the woods with some friends. It was fall, and though the mornings were lip-bustingly cold, by midday, the sun warmed things up quite nicely. Both fortunately and unfortunately for me, it was still morning. Read More Frost Flowers: A Winter Oddity

California Condors Can’t Catch a Break.

Lead bullets are killing California condors in an entirely unexpected way. Well, not entirely unexpected, but if I read about bullets killing birds, I would expect for those birds to have been shot by those bullets. In this case, however, the birds are eating things that have been shot by lead bullets, ingesting lead, and dying from lead poisoning. Read More California Condors Can’t Catch a Break.

The Science of Fall Foliage

Autumn has arrived in the Northern Hemisphere, and you know what that means – the temperatures are dropping, every conceivable food and drink now comes in pumpkin flavor, and the trees are all decked out in fancy colors. But why do they do that? Read More The Science of Fall Foliage