The Daily Goodie -4/4

Happy Monday, everyone! How were your weekends? I spent the whole weekend subsisting almost entirely on Cadbury Creme Eggs, so that’s what this Daily Goodie is devoted to!

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Trivia Tuesday: Animals

I feel kind of nerdy saying it, but this is one of my favorite trivia games.  Below are adjectives based on animal family names.  What animals are we referring to when we say: Read More Trivia Tuesday: Animals

The Daily Goodie – 3/28

Welcome to another fantastic week at Persephone Magazine!  If you’re new, we’re so happy you found us! And if you’ve been around, thanks for sticking around!  We love our readers and commenters.  And to start us off this week in TDG, I just want to say “¦ thank you for being a friend. Read More The Daily Goodie – 3/28

This Open Thread Has a Case of the Mondays

OK, no, it doesn’t. This Open Thread is Monday’s worst nightmare. This Open Thread is ready to take on the week. This Open Thread is the first Open Thread of Spring 2011! (Technically, spring sprung on Sunday, but this is the first post of the week for me, so I’m celebrating now!) Read More This Open Thread Has a Case of the Mondays

About Herd Immunity

Herd immunity, or community immunity, refers to the protection that a high percentage of vaccinated individuals provide to individuals who have never been vaccinated or in whom vaccinations have failed against the spread of infectious diseases. The protection is provided because the disease cannot find new hosts to spread to after a certain percentage of the population is vaccinated. Read More About Herd Immunity