Bringin’ Down the House Next Door

So yesterday, while I was working on material for my other Persephone posts and for the Lentian novel-a-thon, I was pulled out of my zone with a BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM. Someone might think that it was an earthquake or a bomb going off, but no. The source of the noise was much less life-threatening, if not more annoying. My neighbors next door had pulled in and had their music on in their car. But it wasn’t on at just a normal volume; it was really loud, and they had the bass really high, so high that I swear that the walls of my house were shaking. Read More Bringin’ Down the House Next Door

We Try It – Smudging

I see this move that my boyfriend and I are making as a fresh start.  I don’t know why since nothing is changing besides our apartment.  But I really want to take the opportunity of the change of environment to try to change some bad habits and negative, destructive thoughts and patterns.  Maybe that is why I felt compelled to smudge the apartment with sage before we move in next weekend.  Read More We Try It – Smudging