Lunch Time Poll: Nerd Rage

Sunday evening, my Twitter and Facebook blew up. This is because Stephen Moffat announced the new Doctor. It was an old white man and Twitter/Facebook were pissed. We were all holding out the new Doctor would be something different other than a white male. Internet casting had the front runners of Idris Elba, Dame Helen Mirren, and Chiwetel Eljiofor as the three in the lead of dream casting. People were demanding a POC or a woman as the new Doctor. No one believed those three would actually get the role but was more of an outline to what fans wanted. Sadly Moffat gave us another white man in the string of Doctors. Peter Capaldi is a fantastic actor and I am looking forward to Twelve but compared to what could have been, I am a bit disappointed. Read More Lunch Time Poll: Nerd Rage