Loving Across Oceans

Remember how I was going to start an amazing media project, live an awesome life in our awesome apartment, and take the US by a storm of awesomeness?  Yeah. So, about that: the USA consulate doesn’t trust me. And now my boyfriend’s over there and I’m still here (and worse: “here” is back at my parents’ place).

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Moving Across the Ocean

While I’m stuck at Washington Dulles airport because the airplane crew is delayed, I’m wondering if this really is happening: if I’m really on my way to North Carolina to start looking for an apartment. And more importantly: how the heck do you adjust to the idea of moving from the Netherlands to the States?

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How a Boy Started a Big Discussion

This is a story about people who think their opinion is more important than the child who instigated sharing that opinion. Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan is telling the Dutch government to intervene. Turks online call the Dutch pig-eating heathens who support the sickness that’s homosexuality. And why? Because a Turkish child has two lesbians as foster parents.

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Happy Blackface Season!

This Saturday marked the arrival of Sinterklaas in The Netherlands. Sinterklaas, a holiday celebrated on December 5th, has long been The Netherlands’ biggest gift-giving holiday. In the weeks leading up to it, the figure of Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas, historically associated with the Bishop of Myra) arrives in the country and, in the nighttime, visits people’s homes to leave little presents and special seasonal treats. Sint, however, does not travel alone: he has a large entourage of Zwarte Pieten (Black Peters), characters dressed in colorful 19th century costumes and (wait for it) blackface. Read More Happy Blackface Season!

Your Weekly European Roundup

Welcome back from your long weekend ““ just in time for a new European Roundup! Germany is currently finding its way out of the nuclear power era, cucumbers are experiencing a crisis on the European market and Berlusconi is in (serious) trouble.

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Your Weekly Europe Roundup

It’s been a busy week in Europe. Germany and Italy are fighting about refugees, a Danish court lifts patient confidentiality, free press is still no reality in Belarus and more.

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