Community: Now With More Sweaters!

Well, after last week’s unfortunate Office mini-marathon, I was happy to settle in with a beer and another episode of Community. Not to mention that I was able to watch with the secure knowledge that it’s been picked up for a third season! Read More Community: Now With More Sweaters!

Cheering Brittana

As much attention as Glee has gotten lately for its portrayal of gay teens on television, I wasn’t so convinced. It’s great that there’s a main character on a TV show for gay and questioning youth (and everyone else) to see. It’s even better, and more encouraging, that the reponse to gay teens in primetime has been largely positive. Maybe the flood gates will open, and we’ll start seeing a more inclusive depiction of sexuality across the board. Read More Cheering Brittana

Parenthood Recap: The Question You Don’t Want to Ask

This week  was the first night in awhile I wasn’t looking around my living room for cameras as I watched the Parenthood plots unfold. Last night’s show focused on what parents are willing to do for the children,  something I’m familiar with, but not in the ways it was presented in the show. It also focused on adult relationships — specifically trust in a marriage. The matriarch and patriarch of the Braverman family are still recovering from their rough patch a while back. Read More Parenthood Recap: The Question You Don’t Want to Ask