Middlemarch Voting Round 2, Day 2

Persephoneers, I kind of don’t want to tell some of you how last night’s vote turned out.  I am totally typing this while wearing a suit of bubble wrap, because I am afraid of how the results are going to go over.  Remember, dear Persephoneers, there’s always next year.  Also, killing the messenger is so cliche.

Without further ado, let’s get on with it.  As soon as I put on this goalie mask.

The Winners

In YA Sci-fi/Fantasy/Dystopia, Lyra (53%) defeats Eowyn (47%).

In YA Fiction, Harriet (55%) beats Ramona (45%).

In Adult Sci-fi/Fantasy/Dystopia, Vivianne (66%) defeats Susan Sto Helit (34%).

In Adult Fiction, Kate (68%) beats Celie (32%), and I just don’t even.

The New Bracket

Middlemarch Bracket 11

The New Poll

Middlemarch Madness Voting: Day 10

Here we are again, ready to add four new literary badasses into the Sweet Sixteen.  Once again, I don’t think there will be any surprises, but some of the races were closer than I expected.  Click on to find out last night’s winners and meet tonight’s batch of contestants. Read More Middlemarch Madness Voting: Day 10

Middlemarch Madness Voting Day 9, Next Round!

We got so many votes this weekend! Everyone came out to pick their favorites, which is fantastic, even though most of you had the same favorites.   As expected, there were few surprises among the ones v. sixteens, but you can see the results after the break anyway. Read More Middlemarch Madness Voting Day 9, Next Round!

Lunchtime Poll

For today’s lunchtime poll, we’re begging for your input on what you’d like to read more about on Persephone, with our handy new poll plug-in.   There’s still a traditional lunchtime poll question at the end, but if you could take a minute and click a box, we’d muchly appreciate it. Read More Lunchtime Poll