Friday News Bites: More on Net Neutrality, New (Potential) Cancer Cure + More

Happy Friday, my lovely unicorns. Would you like some newsy bits to send you into the weekend? Would you like them with a side of “In CJ Cregg We Trust?” Then let’s get to it:

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Science News: 11/13/13

Happy Wednesday, everybody! Lots of good news this week, from asteroids that aren’t going to kill us all to several awesome new species (and babies of everyone’s favorite new species of the year). Also, updates on the supposed global wine shortage and early puberty epidemic. On the terrible end of the spectrum, though, there’s Haiyan. Read More Science News: 11/13/13

This Weekend Open Thread is an Olinguito

Yesterday, science announced the discovery of a new species – the olinguito. It’s an extremely cute mammal that a researcher described as “a cross between a teddy bear and a house cat.” I fully expect the dedicated olinguito Tumblrs to have popped up by Monday. Read More This Weekend Open Thread is an Olinguito

Science News: 1/8/13

Happy New Year, Persephoneers! We’ve got plenty of science news to cover from the last few weeks, including flowers on Mars (not really), geysers in the Milky Way, and cheese. Let’s get right to it! Read More Science News: 1/8/13

Science News: 10/16/12

Welcome to the science news, Nobel Prize/space jump/shrimp puke edition! (Yes, I am serious. Pics after the cut!) Read More Science News: 10/16/12

Science News Roundup: 3/20/12

The last few weeks have been very busy in the animal kingdom, with the discovery of several new species, including a possible new relative or ancestor of humankind. There have also been some interesting insights about alcohol addiction from two very different yet surprising angles. Read More Science News Roundup: 3/20/12