My New Year’s Resolution “” Take Back January!

It feels inevitable. December is all about holidays and parties and joy and togetherness. There are bright lights and gifts and delicious food and hundreds of tubas playing carols. At least, that’s the hope. It’s a time of year when we try, as best we can, to connect with our abundance and our joy.
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On Upcoming New Year’s Resolutions

In previous years, I’ve been that person who either rolls her eyes at making resolutions, or I’ve been gung ho in the cliche resolution camp. I want to lose 50 pounds, write a novel, and travel to Europe! Great! Let’s go!

This year, I say fuck that, not only to resolutions that are divorced from my true sense of self, but also to the refusal to assess where I am, recalibrate, and set forth with new goals in mind. If the world’s going to end this year, or if we’re just (more likely) moving into a time without the guidance of the Mayan calendar with us, I want to be prepared to move thoughtfully in the direction of what’s important.

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Birthday Life Makeovers and New Age Stuff for 2012

Since we’re heading into 2012, which is supposed to be all about change, Mayans and maybe (r)evolution, I figured the incoming new year is a perfect opportunity to talk about some of the life-changing techniques I’ve learned from other members of the majority gender.

LTP: 4/18

Happy Monday! It’s the beginning of another week, and we’ve got tons in store for you, including introducing two new regular columnists, Nico and Golda.  We’ve seen Nico before, but today marks the start of what will be a regular column on self-advocacy, and Golda is brilliant, funny, bookish AND clever, and she’ll be writing about our wonderful bodies and health at every size.  I’m sure you’ll all welcome them with the same enthusiasm we have. Read More LTP: 4/18