Resolution for 2016: Take That Applause

I think most people have figured out that New Year’s resolutions rarely succeed, for a lot of reasons including the fact that you are probably hungover the day you start them. However, I’ve got one everyone should do. Read More Resolution for 2016: Take That Applause

New Years Resolution Check-In

It’s almost the end of January, which means if you’ve made resolutions for this year, you’re already looking at your life and your choices and realizing maybe you need to accept that some things will never change. Read More New Years Resolution Check-In

Ask UfYH: “New Year, New Y…” Oh My God, Please Shut Up

I swear, the next time I see the phrase “New Year, New You,” I’m going to… do something. I’m not sure what, but it will definitely involve swearing and will probably frighten my dogs. Read More Ask UfYH: “New Year, New Y…” Oh My God, Please Shut Up

Resolving 2014

When I realized I would be writing one of the very first 2014 Persephone Magazine posts, I panicked a little bit, threw up my hands, and ran away from the computer. But it was still December 20, 2013, so that was acceptable. And in my quest for the perfect 2014 post, I realized I have made a big to-do about not having any resolutions for the year 2014. Read More Resolving 2014

Persephone Magazine’s New Year’s Resolutions

Happy 2014, y’all! For many, a new year means an opportunity to challenge themselves to try new things, break old habits, and find ways to be happier and healthier. Being the delightful unicorns we are, our writers have made some pretty creative resolutions that don’t revolve around the same boring diet/exercise vows everyone else sets themselves up to fail with, and we’ve set some awesome goals for the site, too. It’s not too late to add to your list if anything below strikes your fancy! (And no need for guilt or self-recrimination if you don’t follow through perfectly, either.) Read More Persephone Magazine’s New Year’s Resolutions