Internet Rumor Mongering

Who even knows what to believe on the internet these days? Rumors spread quickly and with much fanfare on the internet, especially if it’s something we want to believe. We at P-Mag are doing our part to make sure that the internet is full of untruths and wishful thinking. Here are some rumors (and maybe some truths) to share with the internet and to help confuse future Google searches.

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LTP: 5/31

Welcome back, all! For today’s poll we are going to the movies. What actor/actress/director do you like enough that their involvement in a movie is enough to make you go see it? For instance, I’ve been known to say, “I don’t care if they say it’s crap, if Nicolas Cage is in it, I’ll watch it.”

(Ed. Note: Due to technical difficulties, Hattie’s poll was ghostwritten by SaraB. Hattie may or may not share SaraB’s unconditional love for Nick Cage, but if she doesn’t, she should really watch “Valley Girl” again and reconsider.)

Photo by Kirk Weaver, via Wikimedia Commons