I have always been a proud supporter of public education. I started my teaching career in 1997 and I passionately believed that if we all continued to work together, we could make the world better for our children and teach them tolerance and acceptance. I believed that the best and most innovative learning environment was the result of a great teacher with a devotion to working with children. The best place for children to learn these things was, naturally, in a public school with a diverse environment. Then in 2002, the 107th Congress enacted the No Child Left Behind Act, and everything changed. In 2003, I had my first son, and took some time away from teaching. Going back into the classroom in 2008, I still had that passion. I was visibly enthusiastic about all the ways I could help my students learn. Then my son went into first grade and I started to worry. Read More Mis-Education

The American Public Education Crisis: Introduction

Education is a passionate topic for many of the Persephone team.  From the former and current teachers who write for us and comment to the Persephone parents to our American taxpayer readers, we’ve all got a stake in public education. There is no question that we need to work together as a nation to improve how we educate our children, but until we’re able to put the needs of our nation’s kids ahead of political agendas, we’re screwed. Read More The American Public Education Crisis: Introduction

I Don’t Like You, Arne Duncan

I am finding it very difficult to like Secretary of Education Arne Duncan these days. Recently he made some very discouraging comments regarding special education and essentially said that some states were giving their students with disabilities “a free ride.” Read More I Don’t Like You, Arne Duncan