High Fives: Sara Habein

I had the pleasure to discuss music with one of my favorite people in the world, our own Sara Habein. We know how much I love lists and rankings, and it seems that having a discussion about music and adding rankings to things is right up my alley. I had so much fun having a little back and forth with Sara.  Read More High Fives: Sara Habein

Ten Songs Keeping Me Sane This Week: Holiday Songs Edition

The past week was an easy one for many Americans thanks to paid time off, school holidays, and ample amounts of food. Because I work retail, Thanksgiving week involved lots of work and not much food. As Black Friday consumptions creep further into Thanksgiving, I realize I food and family will probably not be on my list in the future. Read More Ten Songs Keeping Me Sane This Week: Holiday Songs Edition

30 Years of Music: 1992

Oh, now that this column is firmly in the ’90s, it has already become difficult for me to narrow down my song choices. 1992 was a fantastic year for music. Get in:

Read More 30 Years of Music: 1992

Lunchtime Poll: Karaoke

There’s a sort of science to picking the perfect karaoke song. It has to be a well-known track, something catchy that people can sing along to easily. A little melodrama and theatricality doesn’t hurt either, especially if you’ve been tossing back cocktails all night (and, really, who does karaoke sober?). Read More Lunchtime Poll: Karaoke

My Love Affair With Questionable Fashion

I have an ongoing love affair with questionable fashion. Now, when I say questionable, I don’t mean like giving it the side-eye, “What in the hell is that and why are you wearing it?” fashion where I make a condescending judgment call. I mean the stuff that makes my 9-5 work day outfits pale in comparison, yet make my heart skip an excited beat. The stuff that Kelis can rock hard in a video, yet the actuality of me wearing it in my regular life seems slightly ridiculous. Possibly circus themed. Read More My Love Affair With Questionable Fashion

Imagining Race: The Hunger Games

Straight black hair, olive skin, and grey eyes.

Suzanne Collins’ description of her protagonist – brief, almost in passing – has ignited debate across the Internet, and surely beyond, about race and Hollywood. It would be nearly impossible to miss the discussions, even if you hadn’t read the books. Read More Imagining Race: The Hunger Games

“Just a Girl”: 16 Years Later

“Just a Girl” is a song that a lot of us who grew up in the nineties look back on fondly, but it’s not just an anthem of teenage girl rebellion for us, it’s really something that spans decades for many young women. Read More “Just a Girl”: 16 Years Later