News Appetizers: At Least It’s Friday

All this week, I kept thinking each day was the day that was supposed to come after. So, yesterday, I thought it was Friday. The news didn’t make this feeling any better. But today, at least, is actually Friday.

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News in Asia

Hello! This column has been on hiatus while I was on my winter vacation in the Philippines. It’s a beautiful country and I highly recommend going if you ever get the chance. Inevitably, there were many news stories that happened in the interim so I’m going to start fresh since catching up will take too long. So here we go: Read More News in Asia

News Appetizers Love Carbs

I always find that bad news can often be redeemed with a tiny bit of good news, such as women being allowed in combat positions or learning that carbs are a key player in evolution. So read on, knowing there will be some bad. But there will also be some good. And carbs.

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Read All About It! It’s News in Asia Time!

PHILIPPINES (BBC) The Philippine government and the country’s largest rebel Muslim group have reached a peace deal, according to President Benigno Aquino. The deal will hopefully put an end to the 40-year conflict between the government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF). The conflict has cost more than 120,000 lives. The deal calls for an autonomous region in the south, which will have a Muslim majority. The Philippines is a mostly Catholic nation. The agreement was reached after negotiations took place in Malaysia and a formal agreement is expected to be signed in Manila next week. Talks with MILF have been stalled over the last 15 years due to violence. The agreement could be implemented by the end of President Aquino’s term in 2016. “This framework agreement paves the way for a final and enduring peace in Mindanao,” President Aquino said in a speech. The MILF’s vice chairman for political affairs Ghazali Jaafar told AFP news agency: “We are very happy. We thank the president for this.” President Aquino said the new autonomous region would be named Bangsamoro, after the Moros living there. Read More Read All About It! It’s News in Asia Time!