Best Props in 90s Club Hits

I recently discovered that 90s club hits have spectacular music videos. My knowledge of these songs was mostly limited to hearing them during across the floor, jazz exercises at Miss Hamilton’s School of Dance. Thankfully Youtube exists, and we can rediscover these lost gems of the early 90s. Between the black leather, spaghetti straps, and wild prints, there are some quality prop and costume work.

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Memories of a Teen Idol

Most teenagers have their number one teen idol crush who they will defend in loud arguments with friends. Often for teenage girls, this means posters in lockers and in notebooks and repeat watching of movies or listening to albums featuring their object of affections. In the early 2000s, that also meant the creation of Geocities pages, long-winded message board posts, and taking hours to download photos from the internet of obscure magazine scans from around the world. Do teenage girls today even know the hours-long process of creating the perfect collage prior to pre-made Instagram-based apps? Read More Memories of a Teen Idol

LTP: Fan Film Edition

You may have heard about the Indiana Jones fan remake that took more than 30 years to complete and spawned a documentary, as it’s been in the SXSW news recently.

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We Try It: Going to a College Reunion

A few weeks ago I went to my fifth college reunion. I know what you’re thinking: Karishma, that’s not that far removed from college, it won’t be weird. You probably saw half of those people last week. That’s where you’d be wrong.

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Movie Looks: Can’t Hardly Wait

Last time I did one of these, I encouraged everyone to revisit the ’80s through Girls Just Want to Have Fun. Now, if that Columbia undergrad rocking the Sketchers platform shoes on the subway was any indication, we have cycled through fashion and have hit the late ’90s, early ’00s. If I needed a refresher on what was worn during my middle school years, I can always rewatch Can’t Hardly Wait. Read More Movie Looks: Can’t Hardly Wait

Decoding the College Reunion Invitation

Two weeks ago, I received my college reunion invitation. Since I was in the middle of conference planning, I didn’t really have time to process this. However, now that the conference is over, I can begin weeping or rather just aggressively refuse to be nostalgic. Read More Decoding the College Reunion Invitation

Taking Pictures of Food

I’ve lived in Oregon for nearly eight years. Besides my Keens, my Decemberists shirts, and my reusable bags, the most Portland thing about me is that I take pictures of my food.

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