Omnomlet Month: The First Seven

About two weeks ago, I announced a new project: Omnomlet Month! It’s born mostly out of my total boredom with what I’d been doing in my kitchen lately, and also out of the fact that I love breakfast food. Well, after some pressing family issues-related delays, I am one week into the process, and it has been glorious so far. Today, I’m going to walk you through a tutorial on how to cook a perfect omelet, and then I’ll give you some tasting notes on the first seven omelets.

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Coming Soon: Omnomlet Month!

I’ve been getting a little bored with my food choices lately, readers, which, for me, is kind of a travesty; it typically means that I’m facing some kind of deeper creative block or depression in my life, because food is my daily form of creative expression. So I decided to give myself a little month-long challenge just to kick start the engines again, but I’m going to need your help. In the month of March, I’m going to make 31 different types of omelets. I’m calling it Omnomlet Month.

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