Loving My Body

Since two days ago, October 29th, I have been on Estrogen for 6 months. As many of you know, this has changed my life. My mind and body are starting to feel congruent with each other. I wake up each day freer from the bonds of testosterone-poisoning than the previous day. I am starting to love myself.  Read More Loving My Body

Your Questions, Redux: Sex On The Micro-Side

Greetings, my lovelies! This week, we are again highlighting the questions and queries that lay in my box of sexual pondering, allowing for shorter, more easy-to-answer questions that don’t always make it to the cut, on account of I can’t always wax poetic about the topic at large for more than a paragraph. Read More Your Questions, Redux: Sex On The Micro-Side

Big O, Little O, Is That An O?

Q. I’m not sure if I have ever had an orgasm. Although I have had fantastic, mind blowing sex, I have never felt a “moment.” How can I increase the likelihood of orgasming and even squirting during sex?  Read More Big O, Little O, Is That An O?

Free Your Mind and the Rest Will Follow: On Orgasms

Q. I’m a straight woman in my early 30s in a long-term relationship with a great guy. We’ve had great, awesome, loving, and occasionally experimental sex. As for most women, the big Orgasm is sometimes a hard-fought battle of mental and physical will, but 90% of the time I get there. In the past month, I haven’t been able to come at all. Even on my own. I’m not on any new medication. Stress could be playing a factor, and that stress is compounded every time I don’t come, especially when boyfriend has patiently been trying whatever combination of tongue, fingers, penis and toys he hopes will work. How do I get my O back?  Read More Free Your Mind and the Rest Will Follow: On Orgasms

Dispatches from Ladyblogland

Tomorrow is election day. So vote! Your ladyparts depend on it. And vote the entire ballot! Those judges make a difference, probably more so than the bigger names because judges interpret the Constitution, and the Constitution gives rights to thinks like choice, access to birth control, voting rights, and more. The League of Women Voters is a great resource, as is your local party headquarters. But while you wait in line at the polls on Tuesday, read these gems.

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What’s the Secret to Squirting?

Q: Orgasming is usually pretty easy for me, so for the Great Orgasm Challenge, I’m wanting to learn how to have a squirting/female ejaculation orgasm. I’ve squirted before, but not intentionally. How do I get myself to do that again? Read More What’s the Secret to Squirting?

The Power of Being a Promiscuous Woman

I have had sex with 37 men. Whether or not this qualifies as being promiscuous in the modern age is up for debate, but suffice it to say that I’ve had enough sex with enough men that I’ve forgotten some of their names (assuming I ever knew them).

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