News in Asia

Here in the U.S., we are coming to the end of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend and a week that has brought us the non-indictment of Darren Wilson, the ensuing protests that clashed with the capitalist idea of the start of the Christmas shopping season. That news and commentary have been covered here and here by the other lovely writers on this site.

But the rest of the world had newsworthy stories of it’s own, so here we go: Read More News in Asia

Holiday Gift Guide – You Little Do-Gooder, You

I love giving gifts. All of it—the shopping, the hunt for the perfect item, the joy on someone’s face when you totally nail it, everything. Something I love even more? When a wonderful gift also gives back to the world. Read More Holiday Gift Guide – You Little Do-Gooder, You

How To (Thoughtfully) Give the Gift of Charity

There is likely at least one person in your life, whether it be parent or spouse or child, who is and always will be impossible to shop for. Every year it becomes more and more difficult to think of a creative, meaningful gift that won’t just wind up in languishing in these people’s gift-vortex basements. They will often protest, “Just don’t get me anything!,” but their sincerity is questionable, as is one’s own resolve to buy grandma jack when you know she’s going to give you something really nice. Read More How To (Thoughtfully) Give the Gift of Charity