Recipe Review: Easy Pad Thai

Another week, another new recipe put to the ultimate test, my kitchen. Imagine, if you will, a room lined in stainless steel, its floor an impenetrable tile surface, the imposing appliances and dim light only increase the feeling of being enclosed. This is a fortress of culinary creation from which you will not escape. This is where I make… my creations. Read More Recipe Review: Easy Pad Thai

Riffing on Pad Thai

The Internet lied to me. Or maybe I wasn’t listening closely, but I prefer to blame the Internet. See, I found this recipe for super simple “Pad Thai,” and buoyed by the quotation marks and the word “simple” modified by the word “super,” I felt that I could make something like this, even if I couldn’t make an authentic Pad Thai. And then I went to the store and made my first mistake ““ I bought rice noodles. Read More Riffing on Pad Thai