What Heartbreak Solves

Q. My sister is going through her First Major Break-Up. My offers to beat the guy up/egg his car have not been met with the kind of enthusiasm I expected, which leaves me sort of a loss in the helpful department. So I ask: What advice do you wish you had been given during the First Big Break-Up? Read More What Heartbreak Solves

We Try It! Salonpas Pain Patch

If you don’t know about Salonpas, it’s about time you learned. Their products are made in Japan, and I actually have no idea how to pronounce them. (Is the last “s” silent? Who knows!) They have a whole line of products, but for a recent bout of muscle pain I tried the “Pain Relief Patch,” which adheres to your skin and could best be described as a cleaner equivalent of having Icy Hot or Bengay on all day. Read More We Try It! Salonpas Pain Patch

Why Chiropractic?

In February, Mr. Dormouse and I moved. On top of moving, we were also working our full-time day jobs, working a secondary part-time job, and putting in volunteer hours at our new church. One evening, we got home, and my neck started killing me. I figured I had strained something in the moving and extra hours at work and didn’t think much more of it. The pain wouldn’t go away. Read More Why Chiropractic?

Who Handles Pain Better: Men or Women?

Well, we don’t know the answer to that, but it hasn’t stopped several  news outlets, including the Daily Mail and MSNBC, from implying that we do. Articles have popped up this week exclaiming that women experience more pain than men. However, an exploration of the original article shows that these news stories may not be completely on the mark (and, they’re not completely off the mark, either). Read More Who Handles Pain Better: Men or Women?

From OOH to OUCH: “Why Does Anal Sex Hurt Now?”

Q: When my boyfriend and I first got together, he was very interested in trying anal sex. It took a couple of months of convincing, but I finally agreed to try it. I quickly found that I loved it. It consistently gave me some of the most intense orgasms I’d ever had. And for a few years everything was good. Read More From OOH to OUCH: “Why Does Anal Sex Hurt Now?”

On Exercise & Pain

I am a massive couch potato (my hobbies are “reading,” “the Internet,” and “cooking,” and I have found ways to do the last one sitting down), and come from staunchly thick-legged German stock on my mother’s side and gravy-loving southerners on my father’s side, so, I’ve never been what one might term “sporty.”

Read More On Exercise & Pain