I Love My Kindle

I placed an order for a Kindle immediately after Amazon announced the price was being lowered (to $139 Wifi and $189 Wifi plus 3G). Traveling is a huge part of my job and I spend an inordinate amount of time sitting in uncomfortable airport chairs, dirty taxi cabs, and lonely hotel rooms. I’m a fast reader and I was tired of my tiny Blackberry screen and the need to plug in my bulky laptop everywhere. Read More I Love My Kindle

C U L8R: The Changing Forms of Communication

This morning as my kids were playing quietly by themselves, I was indulging in some online time with Selena. We were swapping emails back and forth. For a moment, I thought about switching over to G-Chat, but  I didn’t. It wasn’t really necessary, we were emailing just fine, every 5-10minutes to each other. At the same time, I was skimming Twitter and catching up on Facebook. Read More C U L8R: The Changing Forms of Communication