Ladgyhosts: Veronica Mars, Episode 1.14, “Mars vs. Mars”

What is this? Special Guest Star Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl playing … a Gossip Girl? Special Guest Star That Guy From Party Down Who Is Now On Community playing Hot Young Idealistic Teacher Who Still Gets Students Interested In History? What after-school special could be in store for us in this week’s Mystery of the Week?  Oh, only that Blair (I mean, Carrie) has publicly accused Hot Young Teacher of dodging her calls because they had a pregnancy scare?  Veronica doesn’t buy any of it, because she now loves the Huns and Hot Young Teacher gets all the credit, plus Carrie is a bitch.  Veronica Mars starts her investigation.

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Skins Recap: “Chris”

This is the infamous “kiddie porn” episode. It’s also another episode that is a veritable carbon copy of its UK counterpart, complete with opening sight gags related to pissing on Viagra and everything. Once you get past that baggage, though, it becomes a pretty well done episode about a kid who only knows how to be a kid living with a mother who is suffering with a mental illness. Read More Skins Recap: “Chris”