Parenting in the Cyber Age: A Post With More Questions Than Answers

Christmas has come and gone, and suddenly, around coffee with girlfriends, the subject comes up: When should we let our school-age children get email accounts? When should they be allowed to text or get their own mobile? Is an iPod Touch too much for a young child to handle? Holy crap, when did our kids get old enough for all of this?? Read More Parenting in the Cyber Age: A Post With More Questions Than Answers

Father/Daughter Movies: The Good, the Bad, and the Treacly

The two best movies I’ve seen recently are True Grit and Winter’s Bone, both of which heavily feature the father/daughter relationship, which seems to have a special place in Hollywood’s money-churning machine. While mother/daughter relationships tend to fall along a binary–either the women are Gilmore Girls close or they’re Mermaids-style dysfunctional–daddy-daughter movies are permitted a wider range of emotion, from heart-warming to straight-up sappy to disturbing to weird to just plain difficult to define. Read More Father/Daughter Movies: The Good, the Bad, and the Treacly

Naming Your Modern Baby

You’re about to have a child, you no doubt feel the great weight and responsibility of selecting a name for your little one. You know that even though she’ll outgrow her adorable Gymboree baby booties in about a minute, the name you saddle her with needs to fit for a lifetime. It’s alright, take a deep breath, I’ve got good news for you: THERE’S A FORMULA! Read More Naming Your Modern Baby

On My Honor

One of the best things about being a mom is being able to watch my daughter enjoy things that I did as a child. Watching her learn to swim, enjoy movies like Cinderella and get excited about playing in the snow are small pleasures I wasn’t expecting. When she was eager to don the Care Bears socks I found at Target, and started learning the names of the Strawberry Shortcake characters, I smiled. Then she became a Girl Scout. Read More On My Honor

Parenthood Recap: When Art (TV?) Imitates Life

Do you watch Parenthood on NBC? I find myself looking forward to it more each week. Last night, as I was watching, I realized why.

It’s like NBC put a camera in my house, got all their storylines, then split them out between four families because it would be too crazy for one family in a 1200 sq ft townhouse to deal with all of those things. Read More Parenthood Recap: When Art (TV?) Imitates Life

Mom Bloggers Aren’t So Sugary Sweet

One of the reasons I’m happy to be here at Persephone is that I am able to break out of the mom-blogger mold. Are you familiar with such a mold? It’s the one where the at-home or at-work mom blogs about her kids and life, about parenting, about marriage, and more and more frequently, products and promotions that fit her family. She’s learned about branding, her Twitter avatar matches her blog header, and there’s usually a gmail account thrown in there too. That’s not all mom blogs, but that’s a snapshot. Read More Mom Bloggers Aren’t So Sugary Sweet