Partisanship Run Amok

I’ve always prided myself on both keeping an open mind and having strong opinions — sure, it’s a tough balance, but as a former high school debater, I still remember the skills we developed having to argue on both sides of any issue. And while I believe I’m in the right about most things, I have always tried to consider the opposite point of view. Read More Partisanship Run Amok

The Morning After: Political Hangover

Now that I’ve gotten a full night’s sleep, here I am with a political hangover: I’m a little cranky and sore, and looking back on the events of last night it’s all kind of a blur. So, while I sip my coffee, some musings about last night’s election results. I’ll keep it brief because others who are smarter and more eloquent than I will be analyzing throughout the day. Read More The Morning After: Political Hangover