Child-Friendly Recipes: Roast Pepper Pesto

My kids are spectacularly fussy eaters. I’ve long given up caring, and our mealtimes now are a mix of children eating nothing/plain potatoes while the grown-ups have a feast, and special child-friendly meals that the grown-ups eat because it’s there. “Pastapesto,” as the little monsters lovingly call it, is different, because eeeeeverybody loves it. Read More Child-Friendly Recipes: Roast Pepper Pesto

Spinach and (Veggie) Sausage Penne

Maybe it’s the Halloween displays at Target, or maybe it’s the reemergence of “pumpkin” as a ubiquitous and shockingly orange flavor, or maybe it’s that I’m recovering from my first cold/flu of the season, but lately I’ve just been feeling hearty. It might be 90 degrees outside right now, but I am ready to get some hot, hearty, substantial dishes. Good bye wonderful summer salads. Hello wonderful autumn substance! Read More Spinach and (Veggie) Sausage Penne

Zucchini and Tomato Pasta

I read so many food blogs that spin these lovely tales of exploration and discovery. In them, the kitchens are always large and sunny, the food is always fresh and available, and the cook/writer is always cheerful and full of boundless optimism. That does not necessarily reflect the reality of my life. There you will find a tiny kitchen with far too little counter space, foods that should never expire and yet sometimes lost in the cabinets they do, and well, alright I do have boundless optimism. I am optimistic you follow me to the recipe. Read More Zucchini and Tomato Pasta

Baked Pasta, Seasoned With Spite

What is with this weather lately. Microsoft Word is telling me that I should not be ending that with a period because it is obviously a question, but it is absolutely not a real question. It is so full of disgust for this weather-weirdness that I have moved completely outside of the realm of rhetorical questions and I am in full-on judgmental broad mode. Read More Baked Pasta, Seasoned With Spite

In Case of Emergency, Please Make This Pasta

It’s 5 o’clock. You’re headed home, you’re tired, and you’re hungry. You want some real people food, but you don’t really want to make food or mess up a lot of dishes. Or maybe you have a last-minute date with a new romantic interest. Or maybe your best friend has had a bad day and you want to treat them to some starch and wine. In case of emergencies such as these, make this pasta.

Read More In Case of Emergency, Please Make This Pasta