PoC News in America

It may be summertime in the U.S., but the news never slows down. Come for a busy SDCC-related news roundup and stick around for a personal message from your PoC News contributors.

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This Week in Lady Reads

What do butts, sea turtles, and disconcerting wedding dress names have in common? You’ll find them all in this week’s lady reads! Read More This Week in Lady Reads

End Of the Week News: Yes Indeed

Oh poodles and kittens, you came back. I welcome you to another round of the mid-week news, where we relish in the current events, cringe at headlines, and jump all over what’s happening in our dear world. Here we reconvene for another roundabout recap of all the national and international news, the stuff that proves that we as a species are, well, meh. This week has been a doozy, so strap on your helmet and let’s dive on in. Read More End Of the Week News: Yes Indeed

An Ounce Of Discretion Is Worth A Pound Of Butter (or The Paula Deen Controversy)

More and more, public figures seem to be unable to extricate themselves from scandal gracefully, so much so that often the apology gets them in more trouble than the original misbehavior. Think about Bill Clinton parsing words about what “is” means, Mark Sanford permanently making “hiking the Appalachian Trail” into a joke, or anything relating to Anthony Weiner. In this day and age, it’s impossible to say or do anything without some sort of permanent online recording of it, and we are all human and likely to make mistakes, so it’s high time celebrities and politicians learn how to say “I’m sorry” without digging themselves an even deeper hole. Read More An Ounce Of Discretion Is Worth A Pound Of Butter (or The Paula Deen Controversy)

This Week in Misogyny is Looking on the Bright Side

Hallelujah, I’ve got some good news to balance out the bad this week. Given how patently absurd some of the bad is, I think we’ll all need it! (As usual, trigger warnings for pretty much everything apply.) Read More This Week in Misogyny is Looking on the Bright Side

A Tale of Two Cookies

Because what’s better than one cookie? TWO. So this week I’m putting up two of my favorite cookie recipes. One traditional and one vegan. Snickerdoodles and Vegan Oatmeal Cookies.

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Takedown: Paula Deen-abetes

This week’s crapdate: “Paula Deen has no one to blame for diabetes butter self.”

The short answer: “Hahahahahah! I love it when people reveal that they are suffering! HILARIOUS!”

The Paula Deen/diabetes cracks have been fast and furious. She loves butter! She apparently has a recipe for a hamburger between two donuts! She is an indication of everything that is wrong with America today, and she deserved/asked for/should have expected/is being punished with/has been deceitful about diabetes! Paula Deen (plus) diabetes (equals) high comedy! Read More Takedown: Paula Deen-abetes

Why Does Food Network Soothe My Soul?

Last week, I found myself laid up at home with a case of pink eye. I think the last time I had pink eye was when I was eight years old, and having it as an adult is just as gross. Here’s a quick public service announcement: if you have pink eye, stay home! Don’t go around town rubbing your eye and then touching doorknobs and handles! Be responsible, and stay home and watch TV so you don’t spread the horror. That’s what I did. Thank you. Read More Why Does Food Network Soothe My Soul?