We Try It: PAWZ Dog Booties

The weather this year has been cold. We’ve had polar vortexes and arctic blasts, and I’m pretty sure I know how Laura Ingalls felt in that Long Winter now. I’m not the only one feeling the cold, though. Daisy has been uncomfortable, too. I first noticed that she was having problems when she started limping around and tucking her legs close to her body on really cold days. Worried that her legs were cramping or that there was a more serious knee issue, I talked to the vet tech. The vet tech examined Daisy’s paws and showed me that her pads were soft and pink, not the rough, black pads I’m used to seeing on my parents’ labradors. She advised I get some booties for Daisy because the icy, salty sidewalks were probably just burning her feet. Read More We Try It: PAWZ Dog Booties