PoC News in America

Everything happens when you have limited internet access for a week. We’ll get to the disaster that was the Oscars after some news.

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Dispatches from Ladyblogland

Welcome to Ladyblogland, where all the writing is above average.

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Cheap Weekend Fun: Donating!

Persephone crew, let’s be honest. Most of us check out the Cheap Weekend Fun section as a way to fill our hearts and minds for the very best under five bucks. While times are tight and there’s no better feeling than when you can feel like a millionaire by stretching your dollar as far as it can go, I’m thinking this weekend we can do a cheap weekend fun favor for a few folks who need some serious funds. With some serious crises out and about, one of the best ways we can spend our hard-earned cash this weekend is to help out others. Here is a list of a few places that would love your good nature. Read More Cheap Weekend Fun: Donating!

My Kids (and My Sanity) are Dependent on Public Television

I blame my sudden interest in politics on my trip to the local state house last week. Saturday morning I sat down and read the entire front section of the newspaper, which is something I don’t do often enough. I also started trolling political news sites online, trying to find more depth on issues important to my family. It’s hard, and discouraging to have to read through all of the mud-slinging and slanted language both sides take, even in journalism. It’s hard to read through the lines and get issues boiled down enough to see what the matters at hand actually are. Read More My Kids (and My Sanity) are Dependent on Public Television