News in Europe: No News Here

Unicorns and friends, I have just spent the most blissful week of no news in Eastern Poland. We went potato harvesting and looked at some week-old baby cows. That was literally it, and it was grand. I never want to leave. Read More News in Europe: No News Here

Dispatches from Ladyblogland

Welcome to ladyblogland, where all the women are good-looking and the writing is above average. Read More Dispatches from Ladyblogland

Birth. Trauma. Rape. Compassion. Healing.

Last time I put my first birth experience into words, I had been sitting at the top of our stairs. It was some time after 5am. I hadn’t slept at all and instead, I was watching the sky change colour through the skylight. I had a pen beside me and an old envelope, I think. The back of it covered with scribbled notes. Read More Birth. Trauma. Rape. Compassion. Healing.

Peace, Baby!

War is ugly. Most of us learn that lesson fairly early in life as wars are played out on our television screens. I grew up with the daily Vietnam death counts. My children’s reality was a big sign on a neighborhood street proclaiming the number of Iraqi deaths that week. War is ugly. There is no getting around it, but sometimes we humans turn barbaric.

Read More Peace, Baby!

Body Love And The Inner Peace Movement

A few days ago, I recorded an interview with Sharon Crawford for The Spiritual Path To Food And Body Freedom Summit (feel free to check out it out here). I was asked to speak about Health At Every Size(SM), and bring that different perspective to the summit. I talked about all of the benefits of HAES(SM) of course, but I also went off on some well-worn tangents and some totally new ones (at least for me).

I found myself talking about body acceptance as a major peace movement of our century, and I truly think that it is. Read More Body Love And The Inner Peace Movement