Persephone Book Club — The Hunger Games

After much hype and fanfare, or at the very least, excitement in the comment threads, Book Club weekend is upon us. Do you have your dog-eared, notated copy of Hunger Games already open, with topics you desperately need to raise? Are you eagerly awaiting next weekend’s big movie opening? Are you one of those Katniss backers tearing through Middlemarch Madness? Whoever you are, we want to hear your thoughts on The Hunger Games.

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Persephone Book Club: Picking the Books (Updated)

Hello readers! I have collected below all the suggestion from your fellow Persephoneers for the first book to read in our relaunched book club. Please vote on the title you want this weekend and I’ll announce the winner Monday. You can vote for as many as you’d like, but comments that say “all of them” will make me tear out my hair, so refrain. Unless you like bald-headed, weeping book club facilitators. Then go for it. Continue reading