On Grown-up Jobs

There’s no question that I’ve been feeling crappy about one of my current part-time jobs. It’s the job that’s been keeping me secured in school since it pays for my tuition. To some people, having this type of arrangement is ideal and would not warrant any complaining since, at the end of the day, school is getting covered. But I have come to a point where even that reason alone does not justify acts of borderline exploitation to be acceptable. A colleague reminded me the other day, that despite my frustrations, this is what “adults” do in the “real world.” Continue reading

5 Best Things About Working As A Character At Disneyland (And 3 Myths Debunked)

I grew up in Anaheim, so my history with Disneyland is a long and cherished one. Although I have my critiques on Disney films and television, the original theme park itself (I’ve never been to their other parks) is of theme park superior status. That’s why a lot of folks who end up working for the park often stay for a long time or grow with the company in other roles. Continue reading

Longing for the Home Where You’ve Never Lived

This year, I spent Thanksgiving with my family in California. I decided to stay for a week in order to spend time with my family and friends, and especially to catch up with my uncle, who would be spending his first Thanksgiving here in the U.S. after officially gaining his permanent residency. My mom had petitioned him to move to the U.S. from the Philippines when he was 14 years old. Now he is 36 years old, has a girlfriend, two children, and is entering into this unusual transition in his life twenty-two years later.

Continue reading

Florida, I Just Can’t Quit You

So, my home state has not been getting very good press lately. Granted, it’s entirely deserved. The state’s infamous “Stand Your Ground” law is either a legitimate defense or a means to justify homicide, depending on your race. Two different juries composed of eligible citizens acquitted George Zimmerman of murdering Trayvon Martin near Orlando in “self-defense,” while convicting Marissa Alexander, a black woman living in Jacksonville, to 20 years in prison for discharging a gun into the air to scare off an abusive ex. Continue reading

Self Acceptance

It seems to me that nowadays, the idea of self-love has become a trend. As far as I can remember, I’ve always seen my aunt read about it in magazines, but I feel as though in today’s society it is more of a grossing business and less of a personal and spiritual matter. Continue reading

Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost: May Is the Cruelest Month

It turns out that “¦ danger and noise ““ the perception of danger ““ causes these animals’ heart rates to plummet ““ particularly the juveniles ““ and that really super-slow heart rate keeps them still, and that’s probably protective. It’s an anti-predation response. “¦ It turns out that animals and humans are equipped not with two, but three responses . . . fight, flee, faint.

– from What Animals Can Teach Us About Health and the Science of Healing by Dr. Barbara Natterson-Horowitz, on National Public Radio, April 22, 2013. Continue reading

Why I Love Rap Music

I’m just your average looking white girl who refuses to listen to anything besides rap. It’s one of those things that in part, I kind of can’t explain”¦ like, why do I like the color orange? Why do I like broccoli but not Brussels sprouts? It’s just a certain taste that I’ve come to acquire. On the other side of this reasoning, I’m really passionate about a lot of what hip hop music stands for, although the genre as a whole does tend to get dumped on a little excessively for being misogynistic and glorifying criminal lifestyles. But some of the things that hip-hop gets a bad rap for–no pun intended–are in fact some of the aspects I am absolutely in love with: the cockiness most rappers bring to their personas, the blunt, unforgiving nature of some songs, and just the fact that hip-hop uses a certain level of shock value to attract attention to the genre itself. Rap music is often rude, aggressive, and in-your-face and that’s the very reason I love it even when some songs are very problematic. Continue reading