Child-Friendly Recipes: Roast Pepper Pesto

My kids are spectacularly fussy eaters. I’ve long given up caring, and our mealtimes now are a mix of children eating nothing/plain potatoes while the grown-ups have a feast, and special child-friendly meals that the grown-ups eat because it’s there. “Pastapesto,” as the little monsters lovingly call it, is different, because eeeeeverybody loves it. Read More Child-Friendly Recipes: Roast Pepper Pesto

Eating the Weeds: Wood Sorrel

It took me a while to actually figure out what this was. It grows in my yard, and my two forage-y friends told me it was edible, but they couldn’t remember the name. What they did remember was the incredible lemony flavor of this little clover-like plant. I’d wanted to write about this for awhile, but first I had to find its name. Luckily for y’all I stumbled on it watching a video about wild foraging: wood sorrel, from the genus Oxalis. Read More Eating the Weeds: Wood Sorrel

Revisiting Pesto

I wrote about pesto way back when I first started writing here, which really wasn’t even that long ago since my Perseph-a-versay falls right near the Super Bowl. Anyway, I received some excellent comments with new pesto recipes and now I have a new go-to when it’s not basil season. Read More Revisiting Pesto

When Your Basil Plant Becomes a Basil Tree

I planted a couple of little basil leaves in a pot last summer, and with my help, this medium-sized plant managed to survive, if not quite thrive, indoors during the winter. Upon being moved outdoors and into a nice, large planter, the basil plant proceeded to explode to a size I never expected. Read More When Your Basil Plant Becomes a Basil Tree

Pesto is the Best-o!

So California is starting to have beautiful moments of spring, and with each sunny day, I get less and less inclined to make heavy, wintery foods. I am not talking smack on those carby bits of glory, but y’all know that eating a big bowl of mashed potatoes when it’s warm and sunny is less tasty than a big bowl of potato salad. Last week, to celebrate the sun, I made my favorite pesto pasta for the first time this year. Read More Pesto is the Best-o!