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Book Review: Alias Hook, by Lisa Jensen

With the popularity of such shows as ABC’s Once Upon a Time, fairytale retellings seem to be all the rage in literature right now. Lisa Jensen’s novel Alias Hook, has been released at a perfect time, since OUAT is now focusing on the redemption of the infamous villain from Peter Pan. But Jensen offers us a much more sympathetic portrayal of the captain and a much darker vision of Neverland than we saw in Barrie’s Peter Pan. Read More Book Review: Alias Hook, by Lisa Jensen

The Year of Reading Women: Beryl Bainbridge

Fun Fact: I wrote my thesis about Antarctic Literature. Yes, that’s a thing! My professor pushed the subject, because she was clearly taken by it, and her enthusiasm rubbed off on me. It’s very niche, but incredibly exciting and rewarding. Because there aren’t many fictional works that are set in Antarctica, you can get through the entire canon in a few weeks and call yourself “a bit of an expert” as soon as anybody mentions anything ice-related. Read More The Year of Reading Women: Beryl Bainbridge

Childfree to Be Oprah and Me

I was hoping to have my first childfree column under our new ownership be an interview with the woman herself, but apparently there’s a whole process involved with getting an interview with her, so I’ve filled out the paperwork and am hoping to have an answer from one of her assistants in the next 2-4 weeks. There’s a good chance I’ll get to go to Chicago to interview her in person if my request is approved, so fingers crossed, everyone! Read More Childfree to Be Oprah and Me